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Sponge cakes donated to Caritas kitchen


Residents of elderly homes and other beneficiaries of Caritas have received delicious desserts thanks to the large amount of sponge-cake offered as donation to the Caritas kitchen by mag. Peter Zidar diacon. The theology professor from Austria has been a loyal sponsor of Caritas Catolica for many years. We wish to thank hom for the blessed work he is doing in the name of our beneficiaries.

Ethical communications and photography

csoportkepGetting rid of stereotypes, personal data protection, child protection, creating empowering image of beneficiaries of humanitarian organizations – these were some of the themes discussed at the Ethical communication and photography workshop, held between the 8th and 9th of January, 2020 at Maynooth, Ireland, within the project TEACH – Technical Assistance for European Caritas Organisations in Humanitarian Aid.

The workshop had participants from Romania, Ireland, the Cech Republic, Belgium and Austria. Romania was represented by the communications specialist of Caritas Catolica Oradea. We wish to express our gratitude to all the participants for the great input, discussions and sharing of experiences!

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