Local award for our benefactor

Peter Zidar kituntetes-001Our old friend and sponsor, mag. Peter Zidar deacon from Austria, has recently received the 2018 KALCHER ANTON Award, from the St. Polten Lions club, for his long time humanitarian activity. The award was handed to him by the president of the local Lions club, in presence of the local mayor and prefect. We are very happy to see, that he is appreciated not only by us, but also his own local community. He fully deserves this award.

The 63 year old deacon and teacher has taken part in different humanitarian project for 23 years. He has collected second-hand clothes for needy people in Romania since 1995. In 1998 he has participated in the renovation of Caritas Social Boarding School together with fellow teachers and students. He took part in founding the Orphanage in Saniob village. He had transported clothes, food and medicine hundreds of times for the needy people in Romania. He has organized over 25 work camps for professional school students to renovate the St. Joseph Center. He also offered help overseas, for the poor people of Mexico.

“I want the students to feel what charity work means on their own skins, so they will wholeheartedly help the poor. If we walk with our eyes, and ears open, and we take interest in our fellow human beings, we will find the connection to other humans and life itself” – he says.

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