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We expressed our gratitude to our Dutch partners

Between the 11-15th of March, bishop Böcskei László and rev. Rajna József, director of Caritas have paid a visit to the groups of our Dutch sponsors. The main goal of the visit was to express their gratitude to the volunteers, who have been collecting goods to support the social aid programs of Caritas. They have been doing this continuously for years or decades without any payment, as volunteers, out of sheer human kindness.

IMG-20190318-WA0009„There are communities which have been aiding the poor people in Romania for 20 or even 25 years. Throughout the years, we have developed true partnerships, which are based not only on words, but on professionally organized actions. This was not merely a protocol visit; we really wanted to meet them and gain insight to the tremendous amount of work they are doing, in order to create the funds necessary to support the charitable activities. They are doing all this with Dutch discipline and organization. Nothing goes to waste” – declared bishop Böcskei László.

He and rev. Rajna have visited the diocese of Ommel where they had meetings with support groups M.O.V. and Een Aarde, in Boskoop they met the members of the SOEB foundation, in Schijndel they visited the Vincentius Association, in Breda they visted the Franciscan Sister’s Congregation, in Uden they met with the volunteers of Caritas St. Petrus, and in Swolgen they also visited the local Caritas organization.


They have expressed their gratitude to the volunteers, for the selfless work they do. It is a great amount of work, which implies a great amount of dedication. Besides saying thank-you, they also talked about the perspectives of future collaboration. Rev. Rajna has presented the most important challenges, that Caritas is facing right now, and which need to be urgently solved. The Dutch partners have showed once again, that they stand beside Caritas 100%, and they had promised they will try and find the sources necessary to support the most important projects of the near future. These include changing some of the equipment of the Soup Kitchen and elderly homes – equipment which is not in conformity with EU standards and thus cannot get a license; and also constructing a new storage house on the outskirts of Oradea to replace the old, damaged warehouse Caritas uses at present.


„The Dutch people are very sensitive to the social cases. They are always ready to help. After all these years, they have again reassured us of their continuous support. They found fault with the fact that after nearly 30 years of activity, the Romanian government still supports the social services of Caritas with only 5,7%. In the Dutch community we have experienced the true spirit of ‘neighborly love’ because even if the funds are usually collected in the church and parish communities, they never look at the religious background of poor people, they try to help anyone who is in need and suffering, regardless of their faith. This is the true Christian spirit” – declared rev. Rajna József, director of Caritas Catolica, as he returned from the visit.


Celebration on St. Joseph’s Feast at Caritas headquarters

bucsus szentmise 2On the 19th of March, bishop Bocskei Laszlo has presented a holy mass in the chapel of Caritas headquarters with the occasion of St. Joseph’s feast. The building which currently hosts the main offices of Caritas Catolica was once a hospital run by nuns, and it’s chapel was dedicated to St. Joseph, the husband of Mary. The festive mass was concelebrated by rev. Rajna Jozsef, director of Caritas Catolica and rev. Vakon Zsolt the secretary of the bishop.

St. Joseph was a righteous man, who has subordinated his life and his own personal goals to the will of God, and who has performed his activities from the background with hard work and dignity. In this sense he can be a role model for today’s people, family men, and especially a role model to the workers of Caritas Catolica, whose work goes often unrecognized by the large public. They take care of sick, old, and poor people from the background, without demanding recognition for this – said the bishop.

Besides the workers of Caritas there was a special guest too, participating at Tuesday’s mass: the 77 year old Markuc Tibor, a man who was born in St. Joseph’s Hospital and baptized in the same chapel in 1942. The celebration ended with a common feast.

Visiting our partners from Boskoop

54731383_821786288199924_4270645239800135680_oOn the 13th of March, 2019, bishop Böcskei László and reverend Rajna József, director of Caritas Catolica Association have paid a visit to the dutch localty Boskooop, in order to express their gratitude to the volunteers of the local SOEB foundation. Thanks to their continuous efforts, last year, we were able to distribute 6 trucks of clothes and other second hand materials to poor families and people living in the Oradea diocese. We would like to thank them again for their dedicated work, loyalty and selfless efforts which are an example for what charity truly means.

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