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Thanks for the donations of Bănuțel Shop customers!

Banutel doboz atadas

We would like to express our gratitude to all the clients of BĂNUȚEL shops in Oradea, who have placed donations in the donation-boxes of Caritas near the cash machines. This help means a lot to the beneficiaries of CARITAS CATOLICA. The collected funds are used to support social cases in the elderly homes of Caritas. We would like to say thank you to the management of SC CIOBANCA SRL company, which is the administrator of BĂNUȚEL shops for their benevolence and good collaboration in this project.

The donation boxes are continuously placed near the cash registers of BĂNUȚEL shops both in Oradea and Marghita. Any donation offered – however small it may seem – gathered together can bring real change in the lives of our beneficiaries. Thank you!

Sponge cakes donated to Caritas kitchen


Residents of elderly homes and other beneficiaries of Caritas have received delicious desserts thanks to the large amount of sponge-cake offered as donation to the Caritas kitchen by mag. Peter Zidar diacon. The theology professor from Austria has been a loyal sponsor of Caritas Catolica for many years. We wish to thank hom for the blessed work he is doing in the name of our beneficiaries.

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