Celebrating the Sunday of Joy together with our partners from Tulln

Dr. Reginald Ejikeme, priest of the St. Severin parish of Tulln city, Austria and rev. Rajna Jozsef director of Caritas Catolica Oradea have celebrated together the holy mass of the Sunday of Joy in Tulln, on the 15th of December, 2019.


The St. Severin parish of Tulln has been sponsoring the Caritas Home Care Center of Osorhei (Romania) for more than 14 years, thus contributing to the treatment of hundreds of sick and old patients.

The partnership was developed by former rev. Anton Schwinner with the contribution of general diacon Peter Zidar, and after the retirement of rev. Schwinner in September 2018,  the “torch” was carried on by  Dr. Reginald Ejikeme, a priest with Nigerian roots, who has continued and secured the sponsorization of the Romanian home care program, for which we are very grateful in the name of our beneficiaries.

We have to mention that the parish of Tulln has also sponsored the children’s home in Saniob, which was created by Caritas, but later on became independent.

The coordinator of the Caritas Home Care Program, Mrs. Zita Varga, external referent Ilona Hegedus, executive director Dunai Jozsef and Peter Zidar diacon have also participated at the recent visit in Tulln.

“We were very happy to have an occasion to be together and celebrate together with our friends from Austria. We would like to nurture this partnership, because only by their help we can do good to others in Romania” – rev. Rajna Jozsef declared upon his return.



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