Garden gazebo in St. Martin’s Elderly Home finished

filegoria 1It started out as a simple idea, but it took lot of effort and financial resources to accomplish: the summer shelter in the garden of St. Martin’s Elderly Home has been built.

We came up with the idea to build a gazebo for the elderly residents more than two years ago. It was supposed to provide a cool and shady shelter for the old people, enabling them to spend time in the garden even on hot summer days.

Initially we wanted to build the gazebo on our own. We only asked our sponsors to help us out with the price of the wood materials to be used. But it turned out that even for such a small construction we needed licensing from the local authorities, architectural planning and we were obliged to build it according to high standards, with concrete foundation.

filegoria 2Because of this the construction took much more time, and costed much more money, than what we have planned. Luckily, our foreign sponsors stood besides us the whole time, and with our common efforts we were able to provide the necessary resources.

We woud like to say special thanks to pastor Harold van Overbeek from Holland, and the Vincentian Sisters from Graz for their material support. We would also like to express our gratitude to our elderly-care workers, who have allocated a part of the earnings of the Swiss laborforce-exchange programme we do in partnership with Caritas Luzern.

Thanks to their joint efforts, the residents of St. Martin’s Elderly home can spend the summer mornings and afternoons in the shade, in the very nice garden of the institution. We say thank you in their names too.

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