Volunteers from Ady Endre High school

DSC_0971Within the so-called “School in a different way” program, students from the XI.C class of Ady Endre High school have spent a full day as volunteers at Caritas Catolica, led by pedagogues István Zoltán and Unterlender-Mérai Andrea, on the 30th of October, 2018. In the morning hours the students gave a short musical performance for the residents of St. Elisabeth’s Elderly home, consisting of evergreen songs and humorous quotes about old age, which made the elderly audience burst out in laughter several times.

After the performance, the youngsters were spread in groups, each one of them participating at the activity he or she preferred. Some of them took the old residents for a walk in the park, others have participated at workshops together with a group of young people with autism, while another group was helping to prepare food packages for the needy.

DSC_0992In the afternoon all the students traveled to Episcopia Bihor, where they have distributed 40 food packages to the poor people living in the slums near the waste deposit, in total value of 986 RON. The packages contained bread, meat products, fruits and sweets (with the financial help of Caritasverband Passau); plus canned soup (offered by mag. Peter Zidar general deacon from Austria), and canned mushrooms (offered by Caritas Swolgen). The transportation of the students was assured by rev. Mihai Fecheta from Don Orione Highschool who has been helping the needy people from the slums for decades.

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