(Română) Închidere de an la Caritas Catolica

caritas csoportkepAccording to the tradition, we have organized an end-of-the-year gathering for Caritas employees, which took place on the 18th of December 2018, and was attended by bishop Bocskei Laszlo. The participants were saluted by rev. Rajna Jozsef, director of Caritas Catolica in a short introductory speech, following which the bishop has shared his thoughts about Advent, and asked for blessing on the work of Caritas employees in the new year.

The bishop has talked about the concepts of “the center” and “the road”. He emphasized: it is very important that the center of work and everyday life should be the Christ, and all actions should be led in a Christ-like spirit. “The road” symbolizes the path of each individual’s life, but in the case of Caritas employees it also means the road on which they walk together with the less privileged – helping them, protecting them. The festivity ended with a common feast which constituted a good occasion for colleagues from different departments and different cities to meet, share experiences and reinforce each other for next year’s duties.

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