Temporary elderly-care for the holidays

DSC_6736Caritas Catolica offers a new possibility for families who would like to go on a vacation but don’t know where to leave their old relatives who are in need of constant care. In St. Elisabeth’s Elderly Home we provide temporary housing and 24/7 care for a long weekend, a week, or even longer periods – as agreed.

The old guest will feel like in a hotel. They are housed in cozy rooms, with separate bathroom, they receive 3 main meals, and 2 snacks every day, and they can participate at various activities during daytime. But it is more than a hotel, because guests are supervised 24/7 by professional caretakers, who help them in taking medicine, personal hygiene, change diapers, bandages, or any help according to the guest’s needs.

This way the family can really relax during their vacation, knowing that their old relative is in good care. They can keep in touch by telephone or Skype. The old client can participate at the daily activities of the elderly home, such as elderly gymnastics, massage, handcraft workshops and other therapeutic activities. They have the occasion to meet new people and live in a large, strong community.

Rooms available are limited. Reservation and more information on nr. 0749018033, from Monday to Friday between 8AM–16PM.

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