Dutch sponsors visiting our beneficiaries

olandezi in vizita 2A group of 15 volunteers from Uden, the Netherlands, have visited the poor and sick families of the Roman Catholic diocese of Oradea, last week, between 14-18 of May, 2018. The group – made of good hearted and jolly Dutch pensioners – has visited institutions run by and sponsored by the Caritas Catolica Oradea Association, including elderly homes, homecare centers, soup kitchens, daycare units and children’s homes. The program also included a meeting with bishop Böcskei László at the bishop’s palace of Oradea, and a visit at gypsy communities in Salacea village, led by mayor Horváth Béla.

olandezi in vizita 5Uden is a main sponsor of Caritas Catolica Oradea, although their team is not made of overly rich people. They are just regular pensioners in the Netherlands, who have decided to do charity work in their free time. Throughout the whole year they collect clothes, food, and other donations, than they send to Romania, to support the needy beneficiaries of Caritas Catolica Oradea Association.

Leaders and representatives of the organization have visited Caritas Catolica Oradea in the past years too, but this time a larger group came, so the volunteers who collect, select, pack and send the donations can also meet in real life the poor and sick people they are working for. The team was led by Ad van den Brand, representative of Caritas Schijndel, and Wilhelmien Donkers from Caritas Uden.

olandezi in vizita 3“I think that people from wealthy countries should help out people who are less fortunate. I am a Christian. I do not think that makes me more or less than anybody else. But still, our religion bonds us together, and I am very glad that we have Caritas Catolica organization functionin in Oradea – an organization we know and trust. I believe that together – even if we cannot change the whole world –but we are able at least to change the lives of poor people around us. That’s why I would like to say thank you to all our dutch sponsors, and also to the people in Oradea, for being our partner in this mission” – declared Wilhelmien Donkers, leader of Stichting Caritas St. Petrus Uden.

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