Home Care Center Oradea (CID)

“It is bad to be sick anywhere, but it is still better if you are at home”.

Old and sick people feel more balanced when they can spend their days in a familiar environment; but this can be very hard on their relatives (if they have any). In most cases family members do not have the time, tools, or professional knowledge to provide adequate medical care for their sick elderly. This is where the Home Care Program comes to their help.

Our homecare nurses can help to ease the difficulties of families when they have a patient on recovery, or physically or mentally disabled old relatives in the house. We provide high quality, professional help in easing the sufferings of patients, and help families with medical and social services on daily basis.

The Home Care Center was created as part of Caritas Catolica Oradea Association in the year 1997, with the duty to provide social and medical assistance at home, for sick, old and handicapped people within the diocese.

Our colleagues provide: wound care, injections, perfusion, blood pressure and blood sugar measuring, mobilizing activities, therapeutic gymnastics, help with personal hygiene, drug and treatment administration, even multiple times a day if it’s necessary. Our medical assistants give these services at the home of the patients, where they go by company cars, carrying all necessary medical equipment.

CID Oradea –Tóth Andrea coordinator
Piața Ion Creangă Nr.: 2.,
410009 Oradea, Bihor County
TEL: 0259 /470 013, 0771/788-730
FAX: 0040 259/412-760 (secretary)

Office hours:
Monday-Friday: 12:00-14:00


NEW: Oxygen therapy for home
Our Home Care Center provides „DeVilbiss” oxygen-concentrators.
On basis of our contract with the National Health Insurer, the service is free for persons who have recommendation from a medical doctor.
More information on telephone 0259/470-013.