The Dentist’s Office of Caritas reopens its gates on Monday (19 november 2018), at the new headquarters (Piața Ion Creangă, nr. 2 – St. Joseph building). For programming please call 0744766224 – Dr. Julia Zsigmond. Office hours:

Monday: 13.00–16.00

Tuesday: 8.00–14.00

Wednesday: 13.00–16.00

Thursday: 8.00–14.00

Friday: 9.00–15.00



The social polyclinic of Caritas Catolica Association in Oradea is currently in process of moving to the new headquarters on Piata Ion Creanga street. For the intermediary period some of the specialized services are suspended temporarily. Information and programming at 0359/427-777 (secretary)


Consultations with specialists, private doctors are mostly unaffordable for people and fam,ilies with low income in Oradea. Most of these people do not have health insurance, so they can not receive care in state institutions either. The Caritas Social Polyclinic offers professional consultation and medical care to these vulnerable groups for free, and we also try to provide the necessary medications for them. Among our patients there are: elderly with low pensions, unemployed, handicapped, homeless people, orphans and big families with many children and low income. We have specialized cardiologists, internal, psychologists, neurologists, dentists collaborating us, as well as general medical doctors.


Services functioning in the intermediary period:


Dr. Uitz Gyöngyi (general medicine and medical imaging) – Wednesday 10-13, Thursday 13-15


Hus Adela – Tuesday 16-18


Dr. Zabik Ana-Maria – Monday 16-17, Tuesday 9- 10.30, Wednesday 16- 17.30, Friday 8- 9.30


Prof. Dr. Kun Imre Zoltán – programation: 0741/377 235

POLIKLINIKA Caritas Catolica Oradea
Sirul Canonicilor (Canon’s row), no. 23.
410161 Oradea Bihor county

Telephone: 0040 259 416 863