Home Care Unit Tasnad

By the Home Care Service we provide medical and social assistance to people with chronic diseases, who have a certain degree of dependence on someone else’s help, and because of their limited mobility cannot visit our polyclinic for treatment on regular basis.


Our colleagues provide: wound care, injections, perfusion, blood pressure and blood sugar measuring, mobilizing activities, therapeutic gymnastics, help with personal hygiene, drug and treatment administration, even multiple times a day if it’s necessary. Our medical assistants give these services at the home of the patients.

We also give for rent walking aids, wheelchairs, rollators, adjustable hospital beds etc.

Our services are accredited by the Ministry of Health. We provide healthcare and recovery care for patients returning home after hospitalization for free.

We provide care for all patients in need, regardless of their religion or their nationality. Our homecare nurses are trained professionals, who treat the patients with respect and dignity.



Caritas Catolica-Tasnad


M. Sadoveanu str., No. 3., 445300 Tasnad, Satu Mare County

Tel. +40(0)261/827572, +40(0)361/424167