Celebration on St. Joseph’s Feast at Caritas headquarters

bucsus szentmise 2On the 19th of March, bishop Bocskei Laszlo has presented a holy mass in the chapel of Caritas headquarters with the occasion of St. Joseph’s feast. The building which currently hosts the main offices of Caritas Catolica was once a hospital run by nuns, and it’s chapel was dedicated to St. Joseph, the husband of Mary. The festive mass was concelebrated by rev. Rajna Jozsef, director of Caritas Catolica and rev. Vakon Zsolt the secretary of the bishop.

St. Joseph was a righteous man, who has subordinated his life and his own personal goals to the will of God, and who has performed his activities from the background with hard work and dignity. In this sense he can be a role model for today’s people, family men, and especially a role model to the workers of Caritas Catolica, whose work goes often unrecognized by the large public. They take care of sick, old, and poor people from the background, without demanding recognition for this – said the bishop.

Besides the workers of Caritas there was a special guest too, participating at Tuesday’s mass: the 77 year old Markuc Tibor, a man who was born in St. Joseph’s Hospital and baptized in the same chapel in 1942. The celebration ended with a common feast.

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