Last transport from Swolgen received

Our dear friend and sponsor, Toos Aerts has recently sent us her last shipment of donations from Swolgen, as she is retiring from her long-time international charitable activity. We feel honored that we were the beneficiaries of her good deeds for almost 2 decades.

Toos montazs

Toos and her husband Harry Aerts have been collecting and shipping second-hand goods for Caritas Catolica, using their own personal collections. They had transformed a barn into a charitable collection center. They have gathered, selected, and carefully packed the goods, so we can distribute part of them to poor Romanian families, while selling the other part in our second-hand shops to make revenues from which we could sustain our social projects.

“We have visited them multiple times, and it was obvious that our mighty Lord has connected us. Through their social awareness and selfless work we were able to help many poor families with food and clothing. Toos has also visited us in numerous occasions, and after seeing what we do with her donations she has continued her work with even more intensity, especially while her dear husband was alive. After his death in 2014, she continued the work for a long time, but now, with her 88 years and with her other commitments at her local church community, she was forced to retire from her international duties. But even if she does not personally organize transports anymore, she has promised to direction all possible future donations to us through our partners in Uden – says pastor Rajna Jozsef, director of Caritas Catolica.

She has always kept close relation with Caritas, continuously inquiring about our needs. One instance that exemplifies her selflessness is that after her dear husband’s death she has sold his tractor, and she has donated the received money to benefit poor people in Romania.

Pastor Rajna addad: “We wish to thank her for her self-sacrificial work, with which she has helped us so much. May the mighty Lord give good health to her and all those who had helped her in the charitable work”.

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