Conference for catholic charity organizations

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One of our colleagues has participated at the national conference for members of catholic humanitarian, organized by the Romanian Caritas Confederation, in partnership with Katholische Sozialwissenschaftliche Zentralstelle (KSZ). The main themes of the meeting were the social doctrines of the church. The course has taken place at the Order of Discalced Carmelites Monastery in Snagov (close to Bucharest), and was financed by Renovabis foundation within the project FOCUS initiated by the Romanian Caritas Confederation.

The course was given by Mons. Dr, Prof. Peter Schallenberg, the director of KS, Dr. Arnd Küppers, vice director of KSZ and Mag. Theol. Lars Schäfers, researcher. This was the first of 4 such courses that are to be organized within the project FOCUS between the 1st of November 2018 and the 31st of October, 2020 – sponsored by Renovabis.

Our volunteers learned about transferring and aiding patients

transzfer kepzesOn Friday, the 23rd of November, 2018, we have organized a patient transfer mini-course for our volunteers working in elderly homes. Participants had the occasion to learn the correct techniques for taking a patient for a walk, or helping patients with limited mobility to change posture or move in a wheelchair, or bed. The course was given in St. Martin’s Elderly home, by Mrs. Andrea Toth and Zita Varga, employees of the Home Care Center.

Food donations for the Feast of Christ the King

46525359_572778269826175_389392597027651584_nTwo schools from Bihor County have offered a considerable amount of food donations to the Caritas Soup Kitchen, just a few days before the catholic Feast of Christ the King. Our Soup Kitchen feeds over 200 people on daily basis, including homeless people, poor families, old people with health problems, and residents of 2 elderly homes.

Pupils of the Professional School Constantin Brancusi have gathered and donated over 50 kg of fruit, 60 kg of vegetables, 4,5 kg of pastry, 14 kg of canned food, 4 l of oil, 9 kg of flour, and other non-perishable food products to the Caritas Soup Kitchen within the school program entitled The Week of Fruits and Vegetables. The program was coordinated by professor Țiplea Roxana, and was sustained by the board of directors.


On the same day, pupils from the Elementary School Benedek Elek from Cetariu have paid a visit to the Caritas center from Spartacus Street. The little children also did not come with empty hands. Under the coordination of professor Bodnar Piroska, they have gathered at their school and donated to Caritas Soup Kitchen 57 kg of fruits, 43 kg of potatoes, 25 kg of vegetables, rice, dried kidney beans, and pastry. After handing over the donations, the little children have also visited the residents of St. Elisabeth’s Elderly Home, and they gave a short performance of children’s songs and verses, thus bringing a smile on the faces of elderly residents.

46949330_266541874217922_1152394263011524608_naWe would like to thank them all for their implication. Also we would like to express our gratitude to the Roman Catholic Parohy of Fughiu, and private persons Kovacs Csaba and Tako Zoltan for regularly supporting the Soup Kitchan with food donations. Their contribution, together with help from foreign sponsors makes it possible for us to assure the continuity of Soup Kitchen, not only in the hot summer, but also in the cold wintertime, when the demand is the highest. We continuously accept donations at the Soup Kitchen on Spartacus str. no. 31/A, every weekday btw 8.00-15.00.

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