External renovation of St. Joseph’s Center completed with Renovabis funds

DSC_0233The Renovabis Foundation from Germany has granted us funds for finishing the exterior renovation of the old St. Joseph’s building, which hosts our main offices, the social aid office, and the social polyclinic. The renovation was executed by the company SC Armared SRL, starting from the 15th of September 2018.

We started renovating the building bit by bit, back in 2010. Since then we have managed to reconstruct the roofing, to change the old windows, and to renovate the external façade on the front side of the building (towards the street). On the interior we have renovated only a part of the groundfloor level rooms and some parts of the cellar. We are already using the renovated rooms as our main offices but the 1st floor and 2nd floor levels are still not usable on the interior.

The funds from Renovabis have enabled us to complete the external renovation of the entire building. Our plan for the future is to put in function a daycare center for the elderly here. It would be a first in Oradea. The building will also host our new educational program, which is in development right now.

In memory of Mr. Dallos, the ex-chief accountant of Caritas

Dallos Laszlo - sepiaWe have learnt with sorrow in our hearts, that Mr. DALLOS LÁSZLÓ, retired chief accountant of Caritas, has passed away this morning. We have asked him to take control of the bookkeeping of Caritas in a very difficult period, when there were no laws regulating the NGO activities in Romania. He was a very good professional, who worked with precision and dignity. Between 2003-2010 ha has established the foundations of the bookkeeping of Caritas, when our organization was on the way of becoming an institution. Today, we still enjoy the fruits of his work.

Many times he worked on the bookkeeping till late in the night, but in the morning he was the first one to arrive at our headquarters, to oversee all activities. He followed through everything. Many of our respected employees were trained by him. May the mighty Lord, who has led him to Caritas, repay him for all his efforts in service of the poor. May he rest in peace!

(on our picture Mr. Dallos László accepts the medal of merit of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oradea, from Ex. Böcskei László bishop, on the 25th anniversary of Caritas Catolica, on the 12th of November, 2015)

Food parcels distributed for the needy by our volunteers

DSC_0206On the 30th of January, 2019, a group of volunteers of Caritas Catolica have distributed non-perishable food packages to 30 poor people and families living near the dump yard in the slums of Episcopia Bihor localty. They live in small cottages improvised from cardboard boxes, pieces of wood or plastic and other scratch materials. The parcels contained flour, oil, sugar, bread, rice, corn meal, and meat products – in total value over 1100 RON. The charity action was possible with the financial help of the Caritasverband Passau organization from Germany, long-time partner of Caritas Catolica, within a programme specialized for feeding the poor.

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