The current group is led by teachers Johann Schmidt, Michael Sinawehl and Michael Wöhrer. A total of 14 students came to Oradea to work on the interior renovation of the social building. The team of 4 girls and 10 boys are second-year students of the HTL Mödling school’s department of interior architecture and landscape architecture, which corresponds to the 10th grade in our system. Fieldwork is part of the students' compulsory internship, but they had the right to decide for themselves where they wanted to do it. The decision to come to Oradea was not only due to the fact that it is a beautiful old building, which represents an interesting challenge from a professional point of view. A more important aspect was that the services already in operation here and the future plans all serve the common good.

"This is the sixth time I have brought my students to Oradea for an internship. During the pandemic, education was difficult in our school too. The theoretical classes were conducted entirely online, and the practice was either live or with the help of video materials or computer simulations – depending on the viral situation. Now that the restrictions have finally been lifted, we were happy to come back to Caritas Catolica. In fact, one of my teacher colleagues suggested that we bring the team here, and everyone immediately said yes, because we love this city very much and the work serves a charitable purpose.  This time we are working with the students on the construction of the ceiling in the rooms on the first floor as well as in the corridors. We use the same system and the same standards that we use at home in Austria," said Johann Schmidt , a specialist teacher, who also said that he is fascinated by the Art Nouveau architecture of Oradea and is happy to bring teams here at any time.

With the intermediation of mag. Peter Zidar, a permanent deacon and theology teacher, Caritas Catolica has  been hosting volunteers from Austria for 11 years. As part of the international volunteer program, Austrian students will come to Oradea in several tours this year.