Paying forward god’s love is a duty regardless of age

DSC_0473On the 13th of November, 2018 Saint Martin of Tours was celebrated in the elderly home wearing his name in Oradea. A mass was held by Bocskei Laszlo roman catholic bishop, together with rev. Rajna Jozsef director of Caritas, and Vakon Zsolt, the bishop’s secretary.

Paying forward god’s love is a duty regardless of age. Even an old person can give and receive love, if he/she follows the way of God. Even the smallest good deed has a huge significance in the eyes of God, and it also makes life in our surroundings more pleasant. In places where people do not want to do good things anymore, it is a living hell, while the communities where people do good, will become more noble and happy – said the bishop.

After the mass, the bishop has visited the bedridden patients – talked to them, and prayed with them briefly. The festivity ended with a common dinner in the dining room of the elderly home.

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